Boost Your Coffee Program With a Convenience Store Coffee Machine

Most Americans prefer starting their day with a cup of delicious coffee. Over 150 million adults drink coffee, consuming over 400 million cups daily (or approximately 140 billion cups every year). As such, dispensed coffee remains the bedrock of any food service at convenience stores.

There are approximately 150,274 convenience stores nationwide, which means countless Americans rely on these establishments for their morning caffeine fix. Approximately 68% of coffee enthusiasts say quality and taste are the main factors that affect their decision to pick a location for their coffee purchase. But having the right convenience store coffee machine can help you meet the far-ranging tastes of your customers. Knowing that they can find their favorite creamers and exciting flavors at your c-store can make increase your foot traffic and overall revenue.

The need for a great coffee machine is obvious. But how can you choose the right one for your convenience store? Here are five factors you will need to consider when choosing the coffee maker.

1. Size

You may need to think of the space available for installation. JavaBar coffee makers come in several different dimensions, providing you with more choices for your convenience store. You can measure the space you intend to set up your coffee section and find the right machine size.

2. Drink Capacity

You’ll also need to figure out the approximate number of cups that you typically sell in a day. This will help you pick out a convenience store coffee machine with the right tank capacity. The dispensing rate may affect the amount of coffee you can brew at a time. To avoid delays and longer wait times during peak hours, you may opt to have an extra coffee maker.

3. Ease of Use and Cleaning

These features speak of the unit’s overall practicality. Modern coffee machines for convenience stores often have intuitive display features that make them easy to operate. You may even decide to pick out a coffee maker with automatic cleaning features. At the press of a button, the convenience store coffee machine cleans itself automatically, saving you the hassle and time of scooping out coffee residue.

4. Power Consumption

You may not want to overlook the machine’s energy efficiency, as this could impact your store’s utility bills. Check out the manufacturer’s power consumption details. Finding an energy-efficient convenience store coffee machine can help increase your margins and grow your business. You may also need to think carefully about the plumbing requirements for your machine.

5. Pricing

While cost shouldn’t be your only concern, as it’s true that you get what you pay for, the price of installing and maintaining the espresso machine at your convenience store may be a determining factor. Most coffee suppliers will provide flexible lease, rent-to-own, or cash options to help you afford the bean-to-cup coffee machine. Inquire if the vendor can handle the delivery, installation, and required plumbing work and factor it into the final price.

6. After-Sale Service

It’s important to verify that your suppliers will readily provide technicians to repair or maintain your machines over time. You may need to check the warranty options on the different coffee makers. For lease or rental contracts, ensure that the warranty covers the entire duration.

Finding the right convenience store coffee machine is vital in providing your customers with the best coffee experience. For more information on the Eco Café and Nio coffee machine, reach out to JavaBar.