Coffee in the Workplace: 5 Key Factors to Keep in Mind for Your Office Coffee Program

Coffee is arguably an integral part of the American workplace culture. According to the National Coffee Drinking Trends Survey, 46% of US workers say that they feel less productive without coffee. 61% of those that need coffee to get through their day drink at least 2 cups daily. It’s no wonder that most corporate settings are out searching for a coffee machine for their office program.

Rising Popularity of Office Coffee Programs

Research into the productivity effects of caffeine (albeit counterintuitive) continues to headline popular science journals. Studies suggest that consuming caffeine promotes creativity, concentration, and better morale at work. Coffee breaks also provide co-workers with a chance to interact with fellow employees. Scientific evidence on the health benefits of coffee continues to support the idea that having a coffee machine in the workplace is a good idea.

Central to implementing a good coffee program in the office is finding the right professional coffee machine. Investing in a quality espresso machine allows you to brew delicious coffee with a wide range of specialty coffees to meet the different taste profiles.

Here five questions that can guide you to finding the right bean to cup coffee machine for your office.

1. What Type of Coffee Maker Did You Want?

The first consideration is picking out the right coffer machine. There are many versions and models out in the market including drip models, specialty machines for cappuccino or espresso lovers, percolators, regular coffee brewing machines. A quick survey around the office can help you determine if you need a more milk-based or coffee-based machine for your program.

2. How Many People Will Use the Machine?

You should consider the number of cups you need to brew within the office. According to the 2020 ‘Atlas of American Coffee’ by NCA, young people are almost twice as likely to consume coffee beverages at lunchtime than someone over 60. The capacity of the coffee machine may also affect the amount of storage and fills.

3. Where Will You Place the Machine?

You may need to figure out where you intend to have your Nio coffee machine. You may need to adjust power and plumbing to fit the manufacturer’s specs. Consult with qualified technicians to ensure that the voltage and water quality match the levels set by the manufacturers.

4. What Are the Costs of Purchasing the Coffee Maker?

Another factor to keep in mind is the total costs of owning the machine. You may have a budgetary restriction on the amount spent on your coffee program. Checking out the different Javabar coffee makers can help you find a machine that fits within your budget estimates.

5. What Additional Features Do You Want to Have?

You may need to find an easy-to-use coffee machine that any staff member can operate. Automated machines with programmable clocks can enable automatic daily start times and shut off during off-work office hours. An auto clean feature can reduce any stress related to cleaning and maintenance.

A coffee program within the workplace is an excellent way to boost productivity and socialization within the office. Finding the right coffee machine for the entire workforce is key to the success of the project. To help you pick out the right coffee maker for your office, reach out to Javabar.