Proof that a Cup of Coffee Can Boost Office Culture

Teamwork, chemistry, and collaboration are vital to a thriving office culture. Don’t see it in your office? Then maybe it’s time to make a change… with your coffee. Seriously.

Revolutionizing Office Coffee

The link between great coffee and increased productivity is well documented. When employees enjoy their coffee experience, they feel valued and motivated. Imagine the conversations, the ideas, and the camaraderie that a great cup of coffee can inspire.

We at JavaBar want to transform your office coffee experience – and prove that coffee is so much more enjoyable when you grind beans in the moment. We should know. Bean-to-Cup coffee is our passion.

JavaBar Coffee Machine

Boost Staff Morale

For smart CEOs, business managers, and decision-makers, the Bean-to-Cup Challenge is a chance to give their staff and team the gift of a work morning where they’re greeted by the intoxicating aroma of freshly ground coffee.

Join thousands of businesses in the United States in the JavaBar Bean-to-Cup Challenge and experience improved staff morale, increased productivity, and a more vibrant office culture.

Bean-to-Cup Challenge

Now, to back this claim up, our JavaBar team created our Bean to-Cup Challenge. This challenge pits your current coffee, whether it’s individual coffee pods or a pot against the taste and aroma of beans ground seconds before brewing.

If your office accepts this challenge, we will set up a FREE coffee machine demo, complete with a selection of the finest beans. This versatile coffee machine delivers more than just a cup of joe, your office staff can also get their cappuccinos, espresso, iced coffee, and even hot chocolate.

JavaBar Beans and Cups

Foster Collaboration

This is more than just a product demo; it’s a chance to improve your office culture. This isn’t just about making coffee; it’s about creating an office environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and team spirit. The secret to exceptional coffee lies in the beans – and freshly ground beans have a depth of flavor, richness, and aroma that pre-ground coffee simply can’t match.


Jess C

Love javabar coffee. My salon actually offers this coffee to customers while they are getting their hair done. It’s definitely one of the reasons I keep coming back. – Satisfied Customer



This coffee is sooo good. The car dealership I go to for my oil changes has a machine there and I’ve had the opportunity to try a few flavors. – Satisfied Customer



Customer Service and quality of products are second to none. I highly recommend them and should be considered for any office or restaurant business. – Satisfied Customer

Don’t just take their word for it – experience it for yourself!

So, are you ready to take the challenge?

Here’s what you get when you say YES to the Bean-to-Cup Challenge:

  • Java Bar Bean-to-Cup Brewer installed in your workplace for 3 days.
  • 3 days of coffee espresso, cappuccino, iced drinks and more!

Take the challenge and witness the positive transformation in your workplace.

Take The Challenge