Single-use plastic coffee pods are a growing trend in offices, but they take centuries to decompose and the coffee doesn’t even taste great.

JavaBar machines grind the beans fresh for each cup, so the only waste product is spent coffee grounds.

Grind and Brew Our Fresh Coffee Beans at the Push of a Button

Each JavaBar Bean to Cup coffee machine is programmed with our signature drink recipes. They’re both easy to use and high-tech, featuring customizable digital screens for your company messaging.

Who We Serve

Here’s How to Take the Bean to Cup Challenge

  1. Fill out your information HERE
  2. Email your sales representative photos of the space.
  3. Schedule a date and time for the installation.
  4. Demo a machine of your choice, free of charge for three days!

Join the movement towards a better tasting and more sustainable coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly fee for the equipment?

Yes and No… the machine is provided for a $99 per month rental, HOWEVER if you purchase $400 worth of Java Bar products then we will waive the rental for that month.

If my monthly purchases are always over $400 will I ever be charged a rental?

Absolutely Not… and we hope to never have to charge a rental!

Do I need a credit card on file?

Yes… Having a working credit card on file is necessary in the event that the $400 monthly minimum product purchase requirement is not met.

What counts towards my monthly purchase requirements?

All purchases from Java Bar with the exception of rentals.

Do I need to use Java Bar Carafes? (Me/We)

Yes… Carafes are a key component of our Restaurant/Cafe program. Java Bar carafes insure that the integrity of the coffee is preserved and the quality remains perfect from the time it’s brewed to the last sip. Additionally, using carafes frees up the wait staff to perform other tasks… and they just look so much better than glass bowls!

Will my Java Bar unit be equipped to brew ALL of the drinks mentioned from Coffees to Martinis?

Yes, both Java Bar units will be able to make all of the drinks that will help maximize sales and customer satisfaction with Java Bar hot, iced, and decadent drinks as well as Cocktails!

Can I place orders online?
Absolutely… Java Bar orders can be placed online using our web-store or by calling customer service directly at 973-857-3000.
Do you offer free demos?

Absolutely YES… Demos last 3 days and there is simply no better way to assess its fit.

Schedule yours today!!!

Do I need to fill out the Schedule Demo Form?

Yes… The demo form contains important information that allows us to provide the appropriate equipment for your location so we insure that we set up your restaurant or cafe for SUCCESS!

How do I get started?

Begin by filling out the Schedule My Demo form on our website. From there a sales representative will contact you to ask some additional questions and work with you to schedule a demo date that is convenient.