Selecting the Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for Your Convenience Store

Coffee has been one of the most popular drinks in America for centuries. There are many different styles and flavors that people enjoy, but it is mostly seen as a morning beverage. One thing that isn’t talked about enough is what kind of coffee machine you use to make your coffee at home or in a convenience store. Some machines can be difficult to clean, take up a lot of space, produce weak coffee, or just don’t work well when making more than one cup at once.

Bean to cup coffee machines are the new craze in the beverage industry. Not only is bean to cup coffee consistent, but it also guarantees ultimate freshness. In previous years, these coffee machines were costly and hard to find. Now, they are within convenience stores’ reach and affordable.

While prices range as per the quality of the machine, you do not have to hurt your wallet when purchasing a bean to cup machine.

What is the Deal with Bean to Cup?

You can tell from the name that the coffee is superior to others. One, there is no coffee wastage. Instead of using coffee grounds, this coffee utilizes the entire coffee bean. Grounding the bean ensures no flavor is lost as there is a shorter gap between grinding and brewing.

Next, the convenience is to die for! A bean to cup coffee machine is designed in a way that makes grinding, frothing, and dosing effortless. Unlike standard machines, all you need is the push of a single button.

A cup of coffee goes a long way. It only takes a minute to brew, so you get a fresh cup. Whenever you use the machine, you can rest assured it will be of the best quality.

Choosing a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Texas has the biggest number of convenience stores, totaling approximately 15,695. If you want your store to flock because of the immaculate coffee, try a bean to cup coffee machine.

How do you ensure you get the creme de la creme of machines?

Milk Frother

If you love macchiatos, lattes, and cappuccinos, the milk frother must be mind-blowing. Convenient store coffee machines should have an automatic frother to make work easy.

Bean to cup machines have a jar where you heat and froth the milk. Some jars automatically pour the milk into the cup, or you have to do it manually. For top-notch machines, there is a cleaner that washes the jar after use.

The preferred convenience store coffee machines have a steam wand. The steam wand, which is usually at the side of bean to cup coffee machines, makes frothing easier. It froths milk using steam pressure technology. It is also advisable to invest in additional frothing accessories if you own a coffee shop.

However, if you are looking to save some space, opt for a machine with separate frothers.

Smart Features

There is no point in purchasing an expensive and advanced coffee machine if you will not use its smart features. Some convenience store coffee machines have smartphone control. Others have cleaning and brewing features. It is up to you to decide which features suit your store.

Where to get Coffee Machines

The last thing you should consider is where to purchase an effective bean to cup coffee machine.

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