Your Guide on How to Clean Your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

In the United States, there has been a 5% overall rise in coffee consumption since 2015. More and more people are enjoying freshly made java. If you love drinking a cup of fresh ground coffee during the day, owning and operating a bean to cup machine can be a great way to share that experience with others.

This easy to use coffee machine needs minimal maintenance. However, it does need cleaning from time to time. This article provides helpful tips on how to clean your bean to cup machine.

1. Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Most manufacturers give detailed information on how to take care of their models. This is why you need to read the maintenance section extensively before using a coffee maker. The manual will also guide you on when to descale and clean the machine with warning lights or other notifications.

Some models come with an automatic rinse function that rinses the easy to use coffee machine after every use. The function prevents coffee build-up. Nevertheless, occasional cleaning of the coffee maker can make it last longer.

2. Use Cleaning Programs in the Machine

Does your bean to cup coffee machine have cleaning and descaling functions? Use these built-in programs to clean it.

The cleaning program will dispense hot water throughout the machine to prevent the pipes from clogging with ground coffee. Therefore, when using this mode, ensure the cleaning water from the spout does not fill the drip tray.

When descaling the espresso machine, mix a descaler fluid with water, add the mixture into the water tank, and activate the program. Remember to only use the correct descaler for your machine to avoid damage. You can refer to the manufacturer’s manual about the approved descaler to use.

In addition, keep in mind that descaling frequency relies on the hardness rating of water in your area. If you use standard water, you only need to descale once a month. However, if your coffee machine runs on hard water, descale it often avoid limescale build-up.

3. Clean the Steampipe

Milk frothing can quickly block the steam pipes if they are not cleaned regularly. Moreover, you can be at risk of consuming bacteria from the blocked pipes — a dangerous outcome you would not want to explore.

Therefore, get rid of bacteria build-up by running steam through the pipe daily. You should also dry the exterior using a cloth after making coffee. Alternatively, if your machine has removable parts, you may want to clean them manually.

4. Clean the Brewing Unit

It’s not uncommon for ground coffee to get stuck in these easy to use coffee machines. Should this happen, you should clean the brew unit manually. The parts of the unit are easily removable thus saving time to clean them.

Benefits of Cleaning your Coffee Machine

By cleaning your easy to use coffee machine, your drinks will maintain their quality consistency while you maintain top hygienic and safety standards. Furthermore, cleaning the bean to cup coffee will save you money since the machine will last longer. Be sure to clean the steam pipes daily and make use of the in-built cleaning and descaling programs. Since these easy to use coffee machines come with supplier instructions, read them carefully before cleaning. For more coffee machine tips or to obtain an easy to use coffee machine for your business, please contact JavaBar today.